Neely’s Body Was Pulled From The Trash Bin. However, Proper English Was Burned Beyond Recognition.

We’ve ragged on the Guelph Mercury before, but after reading this story, I think the folks at the Merc are doing a stellar job. Simpson killed Simpson? No, Simpson killd Neely! He was paritally dismembered? You mean partially? My good lord above, look at all the typos. At least use a spell-checker, for the love of Pete! Until then, nobody who receives this newspaper should use it as an example of good writing, because it’s not.

I can only hope the main reason the typing sucked so hard was because everyone was so disturbed by this particular story that they couldn’t bear to look it over for quality, and everything else is much better. But I don’t really have the will to go combing through their other stuff to find out.

Gees, people! this is what we get in terms of quality of news coverage now? I’m frightened.

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