It’s A Mailbox, Not A Malebox

This is why they let bartenders cut you off, I’m pretty certain.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, told the court that on September 9 last year the complainant heard shouting and swearing outside her window. The witness saw the drunken 45-year-old defendant arguing with a woman. After the woman left, Bennett lay down on a bench in the precinct and started to shout. The court was told he sat up and the witness saw him expose himself and pull his trousers down. He then began performing a sex act and walked over to the postbox and “started to make sexual advances towards it.”

The court was told the worker then witnessed Bennett rubbing up against the postbox with his trousers down before walking away. The defendant’s arms were raised in a star position, he was continuing to expose himself and he was shouting “wow”. Ms Beattie said: “The victim was alarmed by his behaviour.” Bennett pulled his pants up then swung on a lamppost before looking at a reflection of himself in a window.

At some point he must have decided that pants up wasn’t working for him, since when police found him he was in front of a store, once again letting it all hang out. He finished off his evening by clenching his teeth and swearing at them as he was being arrested.

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