Help Solona. Bernard Can’t do It Alona!

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2013, 05:06 pm

Yesterday, I was going to use Solona to solve a captcha, but I saw that no operators were standing by. So I was cruising around the site and started reading blog entries and came across this one. The poor fellow has realized that he cannot keep up the inhuman hours he’s been doing because a. it’s not healthy and b. groggy minds do not good captcha-solvers make. I’m glad he’s realized this, because I was seeing the insane hours he was keeping, and I was worried they might drive him over the edge. No human should work that long.

He has been asking for more operators, but hasn’t really had any luck. He especially needs operators spread across different timezones, so while we’re sleeping, Australians can get their captchas solved and vice versa.

I wish I could help him out, but of course the operators need to have functioning eyeballs, so…that eliminates me.

It sounds like you determine when you’re available to solve captchas, and the site doesn’t bug you if you say you’re not available. It’s a pretty easy job for someone who’s already working at a computer, and just has to click over, solve the captcha, and go back to doing whatever they’re doing.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can read his volunteer document, and if it sounds like something you’d be willing to do, email Bernard and let him know. The training is one-on-one and I’m sure wouldn’t be too difficult.

I hope some people decide to help out. It’s always good to have other captcha-solving tools available in case one is having issues. But this one won’t work unless it has lots of humans behind it to drive it. Can you help to drive it?

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