Red Hot Fools

Last Updated on: 12th March 2023, 09:05 pm

I think all of these people should stay in school for longer hours. they’re obviously not getting basic things like physics and logic.

Because their friend was eyeing up the giant chili pepper bolted to the roof of a Chili’s restaurant, they thought they’d get it for him. Yup, they thought they would use a hacksaw and a drill to free it, and load it into their SUV. You can guess that didn’t work so well.

Let’s first find out how they plugged in a power drill. They strung 470 feet of extension cord across 4 lanes of a busy road to an outlet in a Home Depot parking lot. Amazingly, their cord didn’t get shredded by cars and they didn’t get smucked plugging it in.

They did manage to get the bolts drilled off while the alarm was going off. How did they think they were going to transfer the giant chili from roof to SUV? I have no idea. Police arrived and found one person on the roof, 2 hiding in bushes and another running away. They got ’em all. I think if they didn’t show up when they did, they would have been scooping up 4 crushed dumbasses.

And all of this because their friend had his eye on the chili. what was he going to do with it *if* they got it to him?

And this was a plan they hatched on the spur of the moment. That may be their only saving grace. If they had planned this for a long time, then they would be really, really stupid instead of just really stupid.

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