This Public Service Announcement Is Brought To You By…My Penis

Last Updated on: 3rd September 2013, 11:28 am

Either I somehow missed a very important life lesson as a child or there’s something wrong with this guy. I mean call me crazy, but there has to be better ways of illustrating the existence of bad people in the world thandriving around with your license plate covered up and flashing people who walk alone.

According to the criminal complaint, Eau Claire Police say in early June, a woman saw 49-year-old Renay G. Poirier of Eau Claire exposing himself in his car. Officers say when they questioned Poirier he told them when he sees people walking alone, he takes steps to show them they are vulnerable. The complaint says Poirier told officers he did that to help raise awareness that there are bad people out there hiding in the weeds.

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