That’s Not A Ramp For Scooters!

Last Updated on: 5th August 2013, 02:39 pm

Wow. that’s some crazy drunkenness. Daniel Samplanski got so drunk that he didn’t even realize he was on the freeway! And why did he borrow his neighbour’s electric scooter? This was apparently his fifth drunk driving charge.

Watch this chopped up video. Does he look pretty toasted?

This brings me to a weird question. What do you do with a dude who legitimately needs his wheelchair, but is caught driving it around drunk? I mean, people in wheelchairs don’t get licenses to drive them, and if they have a driver’s license, and you suspend that, that doesn’t stop them from wheeling around all boozed up. What do you do there? I guess it doesn’t matter for this dude because the scooter wasn’t his, but the question remains.

He’s just lucky he didn’t get hit by acar. Then he might have ended up needing a scooter.

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