Once It Comes Out, It’s Not Supposed To Go Back In!

Last Updated on: 24th September 2014, 09:08 pm

I can’t decide what is worse. Is it walking around in a suit covered in shit, or plucking out your own eyes and eating them, or eating the contents of your colostomy bag? *gag!* But that’s exactly what James Orr did. Apparently he did this to try and show the judge he was mentally incompetent. I get the sense it didn’t work. Oh yuck. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been in the courtroom when this happened:

A witness had just taken the stand in the case Wednesday when Norm Aubin, Orr’s attorney, said Orr leaned into him and asked if Aubin had anything to eat.

A shocked Aubin said he didn’t. Orr then said he was hungry and asked for food. Aubin ignored him.

That’s when Orr made a spectacle of taking his colostomy bag, worn on the outside of his body to collect his waste, and placing it on the table. He then squeezed it and looked to be eating it.

“It appeared he was eating his own (feces) at the table,” Aubin said.

The Sheriff’s deputy in the room shouted “What are you doing?” and then cuffed Orr and rushed him out of the courtroom.

The Sheriff’s office later reported there was feces on Orr’s lips, beard, hands and the defense table where he was sitting.

The judge suggested the courtroom had become a biohazard area and closed it for cleaning, continuing Orr’s trial until next week.

Um yup. Oh god. I would have hurled right there and added to the biohazard mess.

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