I Can Taste The Slime, And Smell A Lawsuit

I have no doubt that what happened to this woman would suck. What I don’t like is the overdramatic stance she’s taking. She’s so angling for a lawsuit. I can tell.

She claims that after ordering an iced tea, she took a sip, and got a big ol’ swig of mucous. *ug*. She showed it to the good folks at the McDonald’s where it happened, and they saw it, acknowledged it and said that it must have been because someone didn’t clean the iced tea tank properly. As of now, she still can’t order drinks from restaurants because she was so grossed out. That’s totally understandable.

But what I don’t get is all the sobbing, talking about feeling violated, and saying that no amount of money could fix what was done to her. She says she’s going through tests to see if she’s suffered any health complications. I’m sure the next story will say she’s suing McDonald’s for pain and suffering along with paying for the tests. I can just feel it.

I totally understand being disgusted. But here’s what I think. If a guy can find a dead frog in his pepsi and not sue, you can refrain from suing too. Bring it to their attention so they can fix the problem, get tests done if you must for your own peace of mind, but don’t sue!

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