Not A Good Activity

Last Updated on: 14th January 2016, 08:44 am

Robert and Roberta Masters are a special kind of stupid. They thought it would be a good idea to teach their son and his friends how to make bombs. The mom even encouraged them to watch videos on how to make bombs from YouTube. She didn’t want to stifle her son’s curiosity. Soon after the bomb-making lessons, mailboxes started to go boom. In one case, the bomb squad had to be called in. The kids started doing it to random mailboxes, then started targeting people they knew.

But the stupidity of the parents didn’t end there. After they found out what happened, they started talking to their son’s friends’ parents, telling them not to talk to police, to get their stories straight and make amends with all the victims. The other parents weren’t so keen on this plan.

I wonder what other learning opportunities they had in mind. I’m scared of the potential.

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