I Deserve No Bragging Rights

Last Updated on: 27th January 2017, 09:18 pm

If you’ve been following the joke that is my performance in the PWInsider Elite PPV Pick ‘Em contest, I have some good news. My run of getting 3 correct per show is over! the bad news is that it’s over because this time I got 2. Yes, 2. It was 2 out of 5 possible matches so to be fair I actually did better than usual because there are generally 7 or 8 matches on a show, but Christ I suck at this when things are on the line.

The matches I picked correctly were the Undertaker over CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Batista and Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya over Melina, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly.

I now have 11 points for the year after 4 events. As bad as that sounds, I really can’t feel too terrible about it. There’s a good number of people lower than me in the standings, some quite a bit lower. Until yesterday there was seriously somebody with 0. He appears to have 3 now so he’s getting somewhere, but good lord, that’s just pathetic! I’m honestly not sure how you could do that poorly. Call me crazy, but I think that any of you reading this could make predictions on a sport you knew nothing about and get at least something right completely by accident in 3 tries.

The lead is currently shared by 3 people who are tied at 20, so me winning isn’t completely out of the question if I pick things up and my current luck rubs off on them.

Now as for how the Bragging Rights show was, like so many of them, it was just ok. No need to drop the $40 to catch a replay or spend the hour or so it would take to grab it from a torrent site. All you need to know is that the 4-way title match was my favourite of the night, Miz and Morrison was fine but probably could have been a bit better, and Cena and Orton wrestling for an hour is something I don’t need to ever see again. It wasn’t an awful match, just way too much stalling for my taste and put together kind of funny. When you’re trying to blow a guy up with pyro less than half way through the match, you’re doing it wrong. Really, where do you go from there? If you’re me you go over to the computer and start looking at your email for a few minutes because you just saw somebody try to blow a guy up with the pyro and you need to try and remember why you still watch this stuff.

Hell of a review there, eh?

WWE needs to seriously consider cutting back on the number of pay-per-views they run each year. Right now I believe the number is 14, and that’s way beyond reasonable. I think a better number would be 6. Keep the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and the Survivor Series and then pick 2 more. You would have 1 show every 2 months and would probably sell quite a bit more of them just because the audience wouldn’t be so burned out on all these stunningly missable shows. It won’t happen as long as they keep making money under the current system, but a guy can dream.

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