Somebody Shouldn’t Have Gotten Behind The Wheel

Last Updated on: 18th July 2018, 02:29 pm

Here’s another case of someone calling 911 to report that she’s driving drunk. I just like this one for the 911 transcript. Unlike previous drunk drivers who called themselves in, she sort of tried to avoid the fact that it was her who was the drunk one.

Dispatcher: Clark County 911

Mary Strey: Somebody’s really drunk driving down Granton Road…

Dispatcher: …Which way are they going?

Mary Strey: They are going, um…

Dispatcher: Towards Granton or towards Neillsville?

Mary Strey: Towards Granton

Dispatcher: Okay are you behind them, or…

Mary Strey: No, I am them

Dispatcher: You am them?

Mary Strey: Yes, I am them

Dispatcher: Okay, so you want to call and report that you’re driving drunk?

Mary Strey: Yes

I love the phrase “You am them?”

Seriously, how long did she figure she could trick them into believing that it was someone else who was drunk?

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