I’m Starting To Really Hate Tim Hortons

Last Updated on: 27th December 2014, 02:06 pm

From the company that brought you
let’s try to run a charity cafe out of business
and le’ts fire a nice lady because she had the nerve to give an infant a free Timbit comes another blockbuster.

let’s not allow pregnant homeless people to eat in our stores and follow Good Samaritans around after they’ve left so that we can yell at them for buying them breakfast.

If all of these things aren’t company policies and are decisions left up to individual franchisees, then the company needs to step up and start either legislating common sense or doing background checks on people who are buying in to ensure that they have at best a shred of compassion for their fellow man or are at the very least smart enough not to advertise the fact that they don’t.

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