New Hot Hot Heat Songs Aren’t Exactly Setting My World On Fire

Last Updated on: 30th September 2014, 11:45 am

Hot Hot Heat have finished recording their new album, Future Breeds, and have also given away 2 free tracks which you can download below.Future Breeds,JFK’s LSD.

I’m not sure what to make of either of these. I want to like them and I certainly can’t say I hate either one on first listen, but there’s nothing going on here that says to me Steve, you need to hear these songs again. By the end I was starting to get into future Breeds a little, but for about 3 quarters of it I kept thinking this song is annoying me and I don’t know why. JFK’s LSD started out strong but went off the rails by the end, mostly because I’m not the kind of person who likes a lot of grading noodely noises in my music. If I’m going to be playing something loud or have it pumped straight into my brain through headphones it had better not make my head hurt, if that makes any sense. That said, if one of these is going to hook me, it’s probably going to be that one.

I’m not going to judge the whole album poorly based on these 2 songs, because there were a couple of tracks from Make Up the Breakdown that I could have done without and I ended up loving that record. Hopefully there’s enough good about the rest of the new record (which has no release date by the way) to offset the indifference I’m feeling for the preview.

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