It’s Nice To See People Seeing Sense

Back in February of 08 I wrote an entry about how dumb the concept of carbon offsetting it is if you’ve never seen it or simply want to relive my amazing rightness.

Anyway, it took almost 2 years, butpeople are finally starting to catch on.

In 2002 Responsible Travel became one of the first travel companies to offer customers the option of buying so-called carbon offsets to counter the planet-warming emissions generated by their airline flights.

But in October, Responsible Travel canceled the program, saying that while it might help travelers feel virtuous, it was not helping to reduce global emissions. In fact, company officials said, it might even encourage some people to travel or consume more.

“The carbon offset has become this magic pill, a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card,” Justin Francis, the managing director of Responsible Travel, said in an interview. “It’s seductive to the consumer who says, ‘It’s $4 and I’m carbon-neutral, so I can fly all I want.”‘

Offsets, he argues, are distracting people from making more significant behavioral changes, like flying less.

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