Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow Can Stop The Mail, But Alcohol And Noodles Can

Last Updated on: 15th February 2017, 07:26 am

Read the story of Kristine Pflughaupt and tell me you don’t have more words than “hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! *snort*! Hahahahahahhahah!”

Pflughaupt, a name that sounds like a noise one would make while hurling, was a mail carrier. I guess, before her route began, she got thirsty. So she drank…some booze. Then, on her route, she got hungry. So, she walked into an old lady’s house, sat on her kitchen floor, and ate leftover noodles from her fridge. Seriously. She just plopped down and started eating the cold noodles with her hands, the noodles running down her shirt. Police came, scooped her up, she blew a .28, and they carried the mail carrier off to jail.

I’m glad the shock of finding a drunken woman in the kitchen eating noodles like some kind of beast didn’t kill the 95-year-old woman whose house Pflughaupt invaded. What a hilarious image.

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