Stop Grabbing My Ass Or I’ll Pop A Cap In Yours!

Last Updated on: 27th October 2020, 08:52 pm

Jennifer K. Luick and Gregg T. Peters shouldn’t have died for this, but did they really think grabbing the asses of strangers at a bar was a good idea? Especially since Luick was a cop? Really, did she think that was smart? And she sure picked the wrong ass to pinch, she got a gangster. He said some not so nice words, she told Peters what they were, so they took it outside, and…bang! Bang! Peters and Luick won’t live to pinch another ass.

Like I said, they shouldn’t have died for this, but I really don’t have heaps of sympathy. Keep your hands off other people. It’s that simple. And a cop of all people should know that unwanted ass-grabbing isn’t cool.

But Andrew Wirth looks like quite the piece of work. I mean, look at this court footage. Yeesh!

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