Don’t Turn My Guide Dog Into A Tracking Dog!

Last Updated on: 11th February 2017, 02:08 pm

Ro and I have been talking about Dutch food and the Dutch store on this post, and it got me thinking about something that happened there once.

I went in to get something, and a lady decided to help me find someone who worked there. I said I would follow her, and then two identical-sounding sets of feet went two different directions. I followed one of them, but it was the wrong one. Then from around the corner, the woman I was supposed to follow said “Oh, she followed the wrong one! I guess there are too many smells!” Smells? She said she had held out some meat to help my dog follow her.

Uh, how about no? My dog is not a scent-detection dog. She in fact is discouraged from sniffing while working. I don’t want her going after meat in harness! What if she had gotten it? That would have been bad news! Do not use scent to help someone’s guide dog follow you. You would be far better served to talk to the person.

That was a new one, so I thought I should mention it.

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