I Don’t Know What’s More Smashed, Him Or The Door

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2019, 06:48 pm

You know, at least Karl Kornrumpf was close to his house when he tried to break down the wrong door. He was only one street over, not 8 miles from it, or worse yet, 46 miles from it. Two things stand out. That’s one tough door, and he sure seems like an honest guy. I can’t imagine waking up after the incident wondering how the hell I got to jail.

It all started with some drinks and an afternoon stroll. Then, he thought he’d come back home, but couldn’t get in. So, he smashed glass panels on the front door and kicked a utility door. Neither would yield.

So, there he was, wabbling on the porch, when I guess a police officer happened by and told him that nope, drunken feller, this isn’t your house, and took him to jail.

The next thing he says he remembers is waking up in jail. He doesn’t even remember smashing the door. Eek. That would be pretty scary.

But he seems like a good guy. He wants to pay for the damages…as soon as he knows the homeowner won’t come out swingin’.

I love this quote.

When asked what lesson he’d taken away from his arrest, he said, “not to walk on the streets while I’m drinking.”

Sounds good.

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