>I Invite You To Share In My Pain

>Since I’ve been home my sister has been subjecting us to these horrible videos by someone going by the nameNichole337on YouTube. I have no idea how she found this woman, but she won’t leave us alone with her now.

Whoever this person is seems to think she’s some kind of great singer and has taken to uploading what she calls covers and original songs. I say what she calls because I’m not sure what I’m hearing could be called songs. Original most definitely, but songs…the jury’s still out on that one and it said it’s not coming back in until I turn this shit off.

Let’s start with one of her own creations. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re shopping and your feet hurt? Well, if you were to attempt expressing that feeling in musical form, I hope against hope that it wouldn’t sound likeBoth Of My Feet Hurt.Feet nothing, how do you think my ears are feeling? And does anybody else think that when she says hurt she sounds like a car horn?

this song actually seems to be getting quite famous, so much so that people havestartedcoveringit.They all seem to do it technically better than she does, but she’s definitely one of a kind.

The real fun(?) starts when you get into her remakes.

TryIt’s All Coming Back To Meon for size if you find yourself not appreciating Celine Dion as much as you should. Oh, and “if you listen really good you can hear Sponty my uncles cat singing along.” I’m not sure if I heard it because the whole thing kind of sounds like a cat stuck in a door crying for help, but I bet if old Sponty is audible he’s not so much singing along as he is screaming out a suicide note.

Here she is doingI Will Survive.Well, that makes one of us. I am afraid and petrified, though. I have a feeling she’s just figuring this song out now. It comes off like she’s reading the lyrics and trying to unravel the complexities of the melody as she goes.

There are a whole lot more of these,but I’ll end with this, the best trainwreck I’ve seen in a long time. You can find the rest on your own if you really want to.You Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift, complete with the video she’s singing along to freezing a few times.I hear the facials are great in this one. Actually I hear they’re great in all of them due in large part to her weird lips, one of which doesn’t appear to move like it should.

Part of me is convinced that this has to be some kind of joke, that somebody with a camera is fucking around with the internet trying to start a craze, but I can’t be sure. My mom appears to be leaning towards it being real and Nichole likely being retarded, or if not that, then her being the kind of person who would argue with the Idol judges when they told her she was for shit because anybody with any sense can see that she’s the next big thing waiting to happen. My sister, well, she just thinks it’s funny and is having a grand old time tormenting the rest of us with it. But hoax or not, I’ve still got like 6 more days here before I’m safely back in my own town and far away from it.

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