Step Into The Scanner Here…Ok, Now Turn Around…A Little More…More…Ahhh, That’s Got It

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2022, 07:08 am

Gee, I didn’t see this one coming. No, not at all.

Those we need to see your penis for the sake of national security scanners that will soon be at an airport near you, the ones that absolutely cannot under any circumstances store images of your dimply ass for others to enjoy, well…turns outthey can.But don’t worry, they can only do that when testing mode is turned on, which it never is. come on, you can trust us. We’re the TSA, we wouldn’t lie to you…ok…we wouldn’t lie to you more than once about the same thing…seriously!

The TSA has stated publicly on its website, in videos and in statements to the press that images cannot be stored on the machines and that images are deleted from the scanners once an airport operator has examined them. The administration has also insisted that the machines are incapable of sending images.

But a TSA official acknowledged to CNN that the machines do have these capabilities when set to “test mode.”

The official said these functions are disabled before the machines are delivered to airports and that there is no way for screeners in airports to put the machines into test mode to enable the functions. The official, however, would not elaborate on what specific protections, if any, are in place to prevent airport personnel from putting the machines in test mode.

Let the countdown to the headlines about body scans ending up on an airport employee’s Facebook profile begin!

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