You’re Not Going to Egypt! You’re Not Going to Egypt!

Last Updated on: 5th February 2020, 09:29 am

Hmmm. If you knew about the Nigerian man with the explosives in his crotch who tried to blow a plane out of the sky on Christmas, and you knew how that freaked everyone out, do you think, in your wildest dreams, that it would be a good idea to joke about having explosives in your underwear? If you realized that wouldn’t be a bright idea,maybe you should enlighten this german man. Well, actually, I’m sure his angry wife has done a fine job of that.

He not only made the joke once, but he said it repeatedly. This earned him a full-body search, which turned up nothing, and made sure he and his family would not fly to Egypt. Egypt? He was flying to Egypt and he made that joke?

When I was little, my dad would joke that you should say “Hi, Jack.” in an airport, but even he would swiftly follow that up with, “No, don’t. I’m joking. You don’t joke with the airport people.” And this was long before September 11. So where was this stupid German living?

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