The Jewellery Is Brighter Than They Are

Last Updated on: 14th December 2021, 04:56 pm

Was this the first burglary for these four dimwits? How else do you explain how they failed to do what they were supposed to?

First, the lookout guy failed to deactivate the alarm at the jewellery store. So while the two men inside were taking stuff, police were on their way. When they arrived, they found the getaway driver sleeping in the car. Sleeping? Are you serious? All four were arrested, and it didn’t sound like too much of a chase. Way to go, Alberto Carlos Escobar, William Renee Vasquez, Christian Javier Ramos, and Santos Orlando Machados-Chicas. They were charged with burglary of a building and engaging in organized criminal activity. I know why they said organized criminal activity, but um, that’s organized? Imagine if they weren’t organized!

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