That’s An Expensive Joke

Last Updated on: 12th September 2016, 08:38 am

How is setting a PlayStation in a drive-through a joke? Did I miss the memmo?

A woman reported that she, her husband and a friend were in the drive-through when the friend requested some ice tea.

When told she wasn’t getting the tea, the friend put the victim’s PS3 and nine games on the ground as a joke.

By the time the victim’s vehicle circled back to retrieve the items, a passenger in another vehicle had grabbed the game system and three of the games.

He got back in his vehicle, which sped away before the victims could get a good description.

How is that a joke? I just don’t get it. Did they think it would look like a bomb or something?

The only part I’m laughing at is somebody stole her PlayStation, and she probably won’t get it back. Now that, that was funny.

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