Akron Shitty Center

Last Updated on: 11th February 2015, 03:16 pm

I would hate to be Shawn Pouliot right now. But if the story went the way he says it does, I hope he wins the lawsuit.

According to him, he went to a downtown Akron hotel, the Akron City Centre Hotel, one night, and had an unfortunate accident where his colostomy pouch broke, spreading its contents everywhere on the bed. He cleaned it up, bagged the sheets, tipped the maid and paid to replace the bedding. Stuff happens, and he was sorry. Four months later, when he tried to stay there again, he found out he was banned for life because of that night.

I’m sorry, but lots of things happen at hotels, and I doubt the guest is banned. I also doubt that half the guests are nearly as willing to pay for their damages. I have seen incidents of people puking in their rooms because they got too drunk, breaking things due to their own stupidity, all kinds of stuff. If hotels banned every guest that caused a problem, ever, they would run out of clientele in a hurry.

Plus, people do get sick, and sometimes they don’t make it to a john. Remember the night I harfed all over the lobby? They didn’t evict me for that. Hell, they didn’t even make me clean it up, or make me pay to clean it up, both things I would have done. Stuff happens.

And what would they do if my guide dog had an accident, god forbid? Trixie’s only had one complete and utter pooping accident in the house, but sometimes you just can’t stop things. It doesn’t mean you need to be banned for life.

I hope Shawn Pouliot makes the hotel pay for their narrow-minded attitude, and if he doesn’t get an apology, I hope he can find a nicer hotel to stay in so he never gives them another red cent.

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