One Step Closer To Eyeballs In A Box!

Last Updated on: 29th February 2016, 10:30 am

My N86 is here my N86 is here my N86 is here! Now…the learning begins.

First, I couldn’t figure out how the hell to get the battery in. Luckily Steve’s sister was generous enough to help me put it in. I feel relieved that even she, phone expert extraordinaire, had to consult the manual, at which point she said “Oh! Well that was easy!”

It’s weird not having a phone that talks…yet. Oh it will talk, I just need to get that IMEI number out of it. But it’s charging right now, or I think it is anyway, but I can’t check the battery level! Ug! I’ve gotten so used to being able to do that that going back to relying on beeps just isn’t enough for me. Plus it has no SIM card in it yet, so it is less than pleased with me…I think. I tried to hear what it’s on music was, and it just went “Shmeep,” flicked the screen on and then off again.

At least this time, I don’t have to look like a tard by marching into the store and making the store guy name all the wackameroos and thingamabobs that come in the box. I think I’ve identified them all.

I’m on the hunt for a blind-friendly Nokia N86 manual. Anybody got any leads?

Stay tuned as I figure out this phone. It won’t be nearly as entertaining as watching Ro figure out her iPod Nano, but ah hell, maybe I’ll get some good nuggets of info.

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