Sinking Like A Sunset

Last Updated on: 23rd March 2017, 08:50 am

I’d like to start this off by saying that I do, as a human being, feel bad for this family. Sitting in a hospital watching a loved one suffer from horrible injuries and hoping that against all odds he’ll survive and have a somewhat normal life isn’t something I would wish for anybody to go through.

That said, however…

16-year-old Alexander “Avi” Davidsonshould have known better and I’m having a tough time sympathizing with his current plight.

The story goes that young Avi had developed an interest in photography and that on the night of his doom, he was looking to get some really nice shots of the sunset. Needing a high vantage point from which to take his perhaps once in a lifetime picture, he decided to climb up a utility pole. You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon to figure out what happened next.

The jolt (there has to be a stronger word than that) he received from the power lines left him with burns over half of his body, and the 35 foot fall that followed didn’t do him much good either. Check out this list of injuries:

Davidson is heavily sedated in intensive care. A spokesman for the family said this afternoon the teenager has lost the use of his legs and one of his kidneys, has half a dozen rib fractures, a broken left hand and more than 20 spinal fractures.

That he survived at all is amazing, and his stepfather Robert Bern (yes it’s Bern with an E, but it counts) told reporters that somehow, “his brain is intact.” I question that based on how we arrived at this point, but that’s just me.

In the interest of not being a total prick for once, if you would like to help the family pay for what I’m sure are some obscene medical bills, you can gohereand make a donation. Be sure to put Avi in the comments section. I stand by the opinion that if you climb a hydro pole to do anything other than fix something you deserve what you get, but I’d also like to think that his family would have talked him out of it had they known what their fool spawn was trying to do.

Good luck to the family,and if he remembers it, I hope this is a good life lesson for Avi. If you ever climb again, stick to trees. Much safer.

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