Career Change Cops And Dog?

Last Updated on: 2nd March 2015, 09:29 am

What a complete and utter clusterfuck this looks like. It reminds me of that story ofthose surgeons fighting in the operating room.

This is the story that South Bend police are saying happened. Cpl. Joshua Morgan was chasing a guy who stole a car. When the guy crashed the car and started to run, Morgan chased after him. Cpl. Scott Ross arrived with his Canine. He released the dog, but it kinda went after the wrong guy. It went for Morgan instead of the thief! Morgan shot at the dog to defend himself and missed, which provoked Ross to start swinging at Morgan. Other officers had to apprehend the thief and separate Morgan and Ross. Meanwhile, the dog went nuts, randomly biting officers involved in catching the thief. Some of them had to go to hospital to be treated for their bites.

I wonder how many times police dogs go after the wrong guy. And I wonder how hard the car thief was laughing while this was going on.

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