Got The Goods, Got My Gun, Got My Keys?

Last Updated on: 22nd October 2019, 12:05 pm

I probably wouldn’t have posted this story, except for the image created by a couple of sentences.

A man robbed a hotel, and police were called. When police arrived, they quickly found a big clue, a dropped set of keys to a caddilac in the hallway.

When they went outside, they found Darnell Lamar Wright, 26, sitting inside a white Cadillac, police reports show.

Officers approached the vehicle and found the loot from the robbery, as well as the black hooded shirt and blue bandana the suspect in the robbery reportedly had been wearing.

I can just imagine this dude walking out to his car with all the computers and stuff he stole thinking “Yeah! I made it I made it! Then he got in his car, which I guess he left unlocked, and went “Shit, where are the keys? Well, I can’t go back in and get ’em. Hmmm.” and then the police arrived. It kind of makes me think of how a kid would act when they just did something wrong and don’t have time to get rid of the evidence. They just sit there and wait for the inevitable.

I have a feeling this one will be an easy case. Police must love cases like these.

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