This Is Why We Have An Irony Tag

Last Updated on: 22nd May 2020, 09:13 am

St. Petersburg, Florida – Starting January 1st, manufacturers are required to sell fire-safe cigarettes in Florida.  But many smokers don’t like the cigarettes, which burn out when left unattended.

“90 percent of the people in this store don’t like them,” said Phil Kassis, owner of PK’s Food Store on Haines Road North in St. Petersburg.

“They say they taste bad and make them sick or nauseous.”

Some smokers claim the cigarettes cause headaches and nausea and contain dangerous chemicals.

“Fire retardant?  I just want to know what they’re really putting in there, and when it’ll have an effect on my health,” said Tom Frank.

Smokers: “We don’t like fire-safe cigarettes”

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