A Dose Of Disapproval

To the pharmacist at a Woodstock drug store:

Do you think part of your job description is to rip off seniors? Do you feel good about ripping off my grandma, and others like her?

I guess my grandma needed to split her pills, but had difficulty doing this. So, she asked you if you could do it for her. You said you could, at a cost of $15 per bottle of pills. You didn’t even tell her about pill-splitters that she could take home and use herself. You just took her $15.

Seriously, people are charging $15 to split about 100 pills? That seems like a giant rip-off. Pill-splitters cost maybe $5. I could see charging $5 a bottle of pills, because that’s the cost of a pill-splitter, but you then say “Or you could buy a pill-splitter and pay $5 once and then split as many pills as you need.” But this pharmacist didn’t bother to discuss options with my grandma, who didn’t even know pill-splitters existed. I’m sure, given the choice, she would have bought a pill-splitter once and split them herself.

After she told my mom about what happened, mom went and bought her a pill-splitter, and she’s thrilled. Just think, Mr. Pharmacist guy. Instead of taking her money, you could have made her just as happy, and she might have bought other things from you. Now, she thinks you’re dishonest, and so do I.

I really wish I could name you, because I think this whole thing is disgusting. I wish I’d heard the story myself, because I might have told my grandma to switch drug stores. I would hate to see her going back to a place that takes advantage of her.

Think about that the next time you want to charge $15 to split pills for someone. You may get this $15, but it may be the last $15 you get from them, and their friends.

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