More Sick Parents

Last Updated on: 13th January 2016, 04:04 pm

This is just sick. I saw this yesterday and couldn’t find the words. I’m not sure I’ve found them yet, but I’ll try.

Sandra and James Davis bought a used Dodge Caravan, but worked out a disturbing deal with the manager of the used car lot. Instead of paying him, they would make their 14-year-old daughter have sex with him. I guess this had been going on for months, and finally everything started unravelling. They had done similar things in the past to pay off drug debts and stuff.

It’s so horrible that she lived with this for 14 years. There’s no mention of any other kids, let’s hope there weren’t any more.

And yes, I did notice that it was a Dodge Caravan and they lived in Dodge County.

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