Bank Want A Lawsuit?

Last Updated on: 27th April 2015, 08:47 am

What a horrible thing to come home to. You walk up to your house and find the locks have been changed, there’s a padlock on the door and a note telling you to contact Bank of America because you’ve been foreclosed on. But you’ve been making all the payments and you never got a note in the mail about this. You also find out that your house has been damaged, your electrical and water lines are cut, antifreeze has been poured down your pipes, your things are scattered and your pet parrot is gone. When you contact Bank of America, you get told that they’re sick and tired of hearing from you and to not call back. But they might know where your bird is. When they finally tell you, they say you have to go get it. They eventually go “oops, we got the wrong house,” but only when you retain an attorney do they offer to maybe fix the damage they did to your house. That’s exactly what happened to Angela M. Iannelli. She’s suing. I hope she wins.

Man, Bank of America just keeps doing prickish things. I know all the banks are assholes sometimes, but Bank of America are the same assholes who tried to get a thumb-print from a dude with no arms.

I hope her lawyer is good. I’m sure she’ll need a good one, she’s going up against a bank.

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