I’m Telling!

Last Updated on: 1st April 2014, 10:30 am

Here’s another one who’s not meant for a life of crime. An unnamed teen came into a convenience store and walked to the counter with some items. He then somehow got behind the counter and behind the clerk, intending to sneak up behind him and put a kitchen knife to the clerk’s neck. The clerk heard him coming, swung around to face him, and had his hands in the air. One of them hit the kid in the face. This was enough to knock the kid flat on his back. The kid immediately said “I’ll pay. Don’t tell my mom, and don’t tell the cops.” Then he ran off, leaving the knife behind.

The clerk must have clonked him a good one. Well, he’ll think twice about robbing places…at least I hope so. I’m not sure if his photo’s in that story, but if it is, and his mom reads the paper, he can consider her told.

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