More UK Officials Who Are Out Of Their Trees

So, in the same country where kids can run away without being chased down, if a kid goes up a tree, they are left there until they climb down. Staff don’t talk to them for fear that if they distract the kid, he will fall. When Kim Barrett, a passer-by, decides that a little boy spending 45 minutes in a tree is too long, and he looks very alone, she helps him down. But to reward her for this, she is charged with trespassing! Ridiculous!

The school keeps saying that he was being observed at all times and was in no danger. I don’t buy that for a second. I highly doubt they have people around with nothing to do but watch the tree where the kid is. I would assume that their teachers have to teach, their principal has to do administrative things, and their janitors have to clean. Constant observation, at best, would have been a few glances every so often. A lot can happen very quickly.

And come on, just pluck the kid out of the tree, for christ’s sake. And when someone does your job for you, the response should not be to punish her.

If this decline doesn’t stop soon, there will be no humanity, or human thinking, left. We’ll all either be very safe or very dead because everyone else was staying very safe and didn’t help.

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