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While writing up that last post, I decided to run a search for “burrito” in the big archive O stuff that Carin and I affectionately call Mini Google just to see if I was hanging on to anything that might be helpful. I wasn’t, but I did find a couple of things from earlier this year that are relevant to our interests, so let’s knock those out now, why don’t we?

  1. We’ve established that throwing burritos is a wrong thing to do. But if you absolutely must, at least hit the right person.

    Investigators were called Wednesday evening to Rick’s Reef, a St. Pete Beach eatery, due to a “female subject yelling at customers.”
    The woman in question was Sarah Anne Kochera, 46, who lives with her boyfriend at his condo just down Gulf Boulevard from Rick’s.
    A witness told police that Kochera “was in a verbal dispute” with a man not identified in an arrest affidavit. At one point, Kochera “threw a burrito at this subject.”
    But the airborne burrito did not strike the man with whom Kochera quarreled. Instead, the Mexican delicacy “hit the victim in the face.” The affidavit does not indicate whether the victim was injured by the burrito.
    Kochera departed the restaurant before cops arrived. But she “remained nearby and was not cooperative with deputies.”

    Anybody else hear a name like Sarah Kochera and immediately break into song?

  2. Good: Offering an upset customer some free food because the soda machine isn’t working.
    Bad: Filling it with poison …allegedly.

    Deputies found that there was a heated exchange between a customer and employees due to the soda machine not working. The customer was eventually given an extra burrito and went home, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
    Several hours later, around 7:50 p.m., a hospital contacted the Sheriff’s Office and reported that they were caring for a patient who had eaten at Taco Bell and ingested rat poison. The hospital confirmed there was indeed rat poison in the burrito, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
    Investigators determined that the sick individual was the same person involved in the earlier disturbance. Deputies responded to his home, the hospital and the Taco Bell to begin an investigation.

    “How could he tell the difference between the rat poison and Taco Bell’s usual ingredients?” asked someone looking for a way to end a post.

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  1. Your story about the girl chucking a burrito at the wrong person made me think of that dream you had about me hucking a whole watermelon at the wrong person’s head…because I routinely throw food at people. But I guess in your dreams, I also slingshot Popeye’s biscuits off our balcony, so I guess I’m weird or something. Anyway, how did this dream go? We were at a dinner party and there were a bunch of authors there, and Moxy Früvous was singing “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors”, and suddenly, there was a large plunk and a gasp, and someone told me that I hit George Orwell in the head with a whole watermelon. Then I felt all bad and said I was trying to hit Jian Ghomeshi. I love dreams. people who couldn’t possibly be alive at the same time can be sitting in the same room.

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