What’s This Guy Trying To Do, Kill The UK Tag?

Last Updated on: 4th July 2021, 04:17 pm

I’ll believe it when I see it since this hope and change stuff tends to be a lot easier said than done, butevery bit of thisis great news for the citizens of the UK if it’s true.

Britain’s new deputy prime minister has pledged to curb the country’s extensive system of official surveillance and data collection by scrapping an unpopular national identity card program, limiting the retention of DNA samples and regulating the spread of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs).

Nick Clegg said Wednesday the coalition government was rolling back government monitoring after years of complaints from rights groups that personal freedoms have been sacrificed in the name of national security.

“This government will end the culture of spying on its citizens,” Clegg said during a speech in north London. “It is outrageous that decent, law-abiding people are regularly treated as if they have something to hide. It has to stop.”

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