omg ur wrong lol rotflmao

Last Updated on: 2nd June 2022, 09:43 am

A new study released by 2 researchers from the University of Toronto claims that rather than hurting the English language,
the use of instant messaging is actually making it stronger and making people more articulate.

I don’t know what data they’re looking at and really, who am I to call bullshit on scientists, but I feel I have no other choice here. I’ve messaged and emailed with quite a few people in my time, not to mention read things they’ve published online. All of this admittedly informal observational research has led me to one clear conclusion, that being that these folks can’t possibly be right. Maybe if you keep it strictly to IM things get slightly better than they do when you look at online communication as a whole, but I have a tough time believing even that much especially when you consider things like this from a couple of years ago.

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