That’s Not What I Meant When I Said I Was Thinking About Putting In A Pool Room

Two teenagers from the town of Campbell River, British Columbia, one 17 and one 18, could be facing charges afterpulling another one of those stupid so-called “pranks” that I for the life of me just don’t get.

RCMP in Campbell River, B.C., say the pranksters had propped a garbage can containing at least 100 litres of water against the door of a home on Ash Street on Wednesday.

When the homeowner answered the door, the can tipped over and water gushed through the front hall, spilling into the sunken living room and washing over the hardwood floors of the dining room, according to Sgt. Mallard.

From there, the water seeped through the ceiling, dripping out of fixtures lighting the rooms below.

Damage is estimated at about $20,000, not counting the cost of the two weeks the owners must find somewhere else to live while their home is repaired.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time I’vewritten about similar aquatic asshattery in the same province.Have people no better things to do with there time there? I’ve always heard Vancouver is a lot of fun. Maybe go check it out, but leave the H2O at home.

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