I Don’t Think Affordable Means What You Think It Means

Last Updated on: 13th July 2019, 04:26 pm

The main point of this is that these assholes got a permit to build one thing and built something completely different, which is garbage. The second big thing here is that the damn city could have fined them even more heavily and didn’t, which could potentially wind up being garbage. But my mind keeps getting stuck on this bit here.

Sunshine Enterprises was permitted to rebuild and expand two motels — the Pacific Sands and a Travelodge — that were among a dwindling number of affordable accommodations along a tourist-heavy strip of pricey hotels near the Santa Monica Pier. The new hotel would not offer a bar, restaurant, spa or other “luxury” amenities and rooms would cost about $165 a night, according to the permit application.
But the company let that permit expire and instead built the boutique Shore Hotel, where rooms with a “bed and breakfast package” start at around $300 and ones featuring Pacific Ocean views can run up to $800, documents show.

Buhbuhbuh whaaaaaaaaat!? $165 a night for a place that sounds so stripped down that I’ll be lucky if my room comes with its own door is affordable? How about no? Does no work for ya? Perhaps I’m forgetting something, but even the shittiest hotels I’ve stayed in had a damn restaurant. A lot of them even had pools, for goodness sake. Some of them may have been a little green, but the effort was there. What they’re describing here basically sounds like legalized robbery. Maybe the standards are different because of the beautiful coast, but for that price I’d think about sleeping on the fucking beach and taking it in that way. Jesus.

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