Stunning Police Work

I think officers in Avon and Somerset need a little retraining on how to use a stun gun if it went off accidentally, and a little retraining on not being total assholes if they did it on purpose. Either way, somebody needs a brush-up.

The story goes that Peter Cox was driving to a friend’s house to do some yardwork, and noticed a police car driving behind him. It didn’t have flashing lights on, so he just kept going.

When he arrived, the police still wouldn’t tell him why they were there. Then he started grabbing supplies, and didn’t notice that an officer had his stun gun pointed at him. But witnesses said he had it pointed at him for 20 seconds before lowering it some, and then it went off, hitting Cox in the groin. In fact, one of the probes only missed the part of him for which there is a slang term very similar to his name by about 3 inches.

It was then that the police said why they were there. They said that his car showed up as having no insurance, but he checked with his insurer, and his insurance was good.

The cops say it was an accident, and they pointed at him because he was aggressive, but witnesses don’t seem to agree. In fact, they say the police flat refused to take statements because they said it was an accident. Well, if it was an accident, wouldn’t they want statements there to back that up?

All I know is I feel sorry for the dude. Ow ow ow ow ow. He’s suing them. If things went down the way he says they did, he should.

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