I Don’t Dubai This One.

Last Updated on: 27th May 2014, 09:13 am

I got a rather creative spam yesterday. I chuckled at it, and thought it should go up. Here it is.


Firstly I would like to apologize for the bulk mail. I’m sure you already get enough of these. No I’m not trying to get millions of dollars out of Nigeria.

I am looking for your help though. It seems that you have to be more and more creative with your job searches these days, and yes I am looking for a new job. The company I work for has gone through a merger and I’m not going to be here for much longer.

So in short, please find attached a copy of my CV if this is of any interest to you or if you know anyone looking, please consider it.

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for one more bit of e-mail.

Grant Baxter
IT Manager
The Palladium Theater

Attached is a PDF, but there’s no way I’m opening it.

I thought it was great that he actually referenced Nigerian scams right in the message. I’m waiting for some people to say “But it’s not one of those scam things!” Oh I think it is, he just wants you to think it isn’t.

And I’m all for creative job-hunting, but what logical person would just send their resume out at random? That isn’t creative, that’s dumb.

But I’ve noticed this trend lately, spammers apologizing for spamming. It cracks me up.

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  1. Hi,

    Can’t believe I stumbled across this…

    For what it is worth, it really wasn’t a scam and was a CV.

    I’ve needless to say got sorted out with a good job now, but thanks for taking the time to read the spam…

    Anyways, at least you got a laugh out of it!


    Nigerian Prince

    1. Hi there!

      It’s always kind of cool when the subject of a post finds us.

      I’m relieved it wasn’t a scam…I guess the internet has turned me into a bit of a cynic. More importantly, I’m glad you found a job. Sorry I didn’t open it…although at the time, I was looking for a job too *grin*. We would have been a fine pair.

      Thanks for stopping by…sorry for thinking you were some kind of scam artist.

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