When You Dine And Dash, Don’t Dash Too Fast

Last Updated on: 23rd July 2014, 10:36 am

Here’s a group of women who should just forget about doing the whole dine and dash thing. They’re no good at it.

Three women who appeared to be a little looped out on something came to a waffle house and managed to eat enough to have a $40 bill. Then, they ran off, but two of them left their purses behind, and both women who left their purses worked at another waffle house.

To make things even better, one of the women came back demanding their purses. Who does that? If you ran off without paying, they’re going to remember you, especially if you left your purse behind! She was told she could wait for the cops, but she ran off again.

For some reason I can’t understand, no charges have been filed yet. What a bunch of odd, dumb people.

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