Canada’s Most Reliably Awful Company

Last Updated on: 20th June 2013, 08:16 pm

I’m going to largely letthis articlespeak for itself and only say that if there was a better option for internet, TV and cell phone service around here, I’d switch in a heartbeat. Oh and fuck off Rogers, you money grubbing, telemarketing, predatory, radio and TV station ruining sonsofbitches!

Rogers Communications, the country’s second-biggest internet provider, is lowering the usage limits on some of its plans, just days after online video service Netflix announced it was expanding into Canada.

The company lowered the limits Wednesday on several of its service plans in Ontario, its main market. Users who signed up for the cable company’s “Extreme” service after July 21 will be allowed 80 gigabytes of monthly usage, versus 90 GB for those who signed up before.

Customers who sign up for the “Lite” service will now get 15 GB, versus 25 GB before.

Rogers also simultaneously boosted the speed of the Extreme plan to 15 megabits per second from 10, while the Lite plan’s speed was unchanged.

The company, which has 1.6 million internet subscribers — second only to Bell Canada — did not explain the changes and a spokesperson did not have a comment.

The lower usage limits came two days after Netflix announced its plans to enter Canada this fall. Netflix has become popular in the United States by providing unlimited movies and television shows for a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 U.S.

I should point out that this doesn’t appear to impact our particular internet plan, at least not yet. I’m sure they’ll find a way to hose us over, they always do. They have an entire department devoted to that actually, it’s called Rogers Communications. So I’ll be expecting to get the “at Rogers, we strive to bring you the best in entertainment and to do so we’re raising your rates again and you’re gonna bend over and take it like the retarded little piss ant unimportant consumer you are” letter in the mail any day now.

U.S. technology blogs have estimated that a typical two-hour movie from Netflix uses about 1.8 GB of data, while a high-definition version consumes about 3 GB. Users on Rogers’s new Lite plan could therefore view about 10 hours a month of HD video a month if they didn’t use their internet connection for anything else, while Extreme subscribers could view about 53 hours, or less than two hours a day.

Rogers Communications’ highest usage plan is its Ultimate service, which allows for 175 GB for $99 a month. Earlier this year, the company raised its maximum overage fee — extra charges that are incurred when monthly usage is exceeded — to $50 from $25.

The article goes on to point this out, but as soon as I read the headline I knew that the timing of this announcement was no accident. Once Netflix comes to Canada, it and Rogers are in direct competition. Rogers has its own streaming video service called On Demand Online, and if people buy Netflix, current Rogers customers won’t need to use it and people on other ISP’s won’t need to come to Rogers at all. so by making this move, it makes a Netflix subscription more costly since overages are almost inevitable, which Rogers hopes will drive people away and back into their loving arms. And either way Rogers is sitting pretty, because no matter who streams your video, you’re going over your limit and getting dinged with the recently raised per gig charge.


So much for letting the article speak for itself, but this company infuriates me sometimes. It may in fact be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Yeah, nobody else even comes close. From customer service reps who don’t know anything about the products they’re trying to sell me, to the troop of knuckle dragging goobers who install those products improperly resulting in my email fucking up and eventually our modem being disconnected without any notice because it somehow got reported to the network as stolen from Ottawa, to the myriad price increases even though no tangible value has been added to the service we receive, Rogers has it all. They’re also the same nimrods who expect people topay $4.25 for a 30 second ringtone.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is eat a bowl of flaming dicks, you insufferable gaggle of shitwhistling fuckholes.

And to everyone else, goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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