I Go To All This Trouble And That’s The Best You Can Do?

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2015, 08:07 am

These days it seems as though almost anyone is capable of robbing a Wendy’s at gunpoint. But it takes a special kind of fellow tocall that Wendy’s twice after the fact to bitch about the lack of money in the register.

A man who robbed a Wendy’s at gunpoint Saturday night apparently was so upset with his haul that he twice called the restaurant to complain, Atlanta police said.

“Next time there better be more than $586,” he said during one call. He made “a similar threat” in the second call, police said.

I didn’t think $586 was that bad, but what do I know?

Police still have no idea who he is, but are hoping the security camera footage from nearby hotels might provide a clue since dusting the cash drawer he left in some bushes was no help.

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