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Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 11:29 am

Boy oh boy do I have a monstrosity for you! Remember how we said our Canada Day audio would never be heard by the world? Well, that still holds, so we decided to try again. And we created something even longer and crazier than that one! We didn’t mean to, honest. We just sat down with some drinks and the Stream…and started talking, and talking, and talking. And um, what was created was four hours’ worth of blather.

Don’t worry, we’re not evil. We split it into 3 sections. So, you can listen to one of ’em, or none of ’em, or all of ’em, but they’re not in one massive insane file or anything. That would just be all kinds of wrong.

So what did we talk about? Well hmmm. A little bit of everything. In Part 1, we spent a lot of time bullshitting about various things from the lack of buses on John Galt Day, to deafblind kids we went to school with, to the good old Topless Day of Pride, and Steve tried to convince me to go. If I go, I’ll be wearing a top. I’m not that brave. We also got to talk about Steve’s crazy nightmare about banjo-playing mob heavies that he mentioned in the comments under this dream post.

After a whole ton of us just being goofballs, we got down to business…sort of. I started to talk about the Aiming for Accessibility conference, ya know, the one that I went to in June and still haven’t written about. We got through day 1, and decided to break it there because Trixie needed her dinner. Poor baby, she was getting quite insistant about her dinner. So we came in the house and fed her, and broke there, hoping that when we came back, Steve would stop hickupping.

So, we’ve reached part 2. I continued talking about the conference, and boy can I ramble. I am relieved to note that I did not forget any sessions. Yea! I went back and looked at the schedule, and the sessions in the afternoon were a bit longer on the second day, hence why there were only two. So yea.

After I finished up with the conference, I decided to split it there and start part 3, which was a lot of us making fun of Ford cars, and silly stories about things people have done while trying to help us. Boy did we get going. Steve really got animated about blind folks who don’t get out much and live in a bubble. I couldn’t stop laughing. But I hope people got some good info out of what we were trying to say and didn’t think we were a pair of bitter individuals.

Some things we made reference to along the way: There was my radio ad where it sounds like I want to punch the mayor.
For some reason, we started reciting the Bulbous Bouffant sketch by the Vestibules. Yup, we’re definitely good at going off on tangents. Here’s my post on why I hesitate to buy technology. I know I’ve linked to it before, but hey, maybe someone hasn’t seen it. Here’s the post about Irwin Barker. I think this proves we have a post about just about everything.

As we continued talking about the conference, I got talking about how stupid it sounds to use the term a11y as some strange short form for accessibility because there are 11 letters between the a and the y. This made us think of how Miami wanted to remove the o’s from their signs welcoming folks downtown. Also in reference to the conference, here is the my happy hands YouTube channel, the inaccessible Presto Card system and the old heritage commercial about Marshall Mcluhan’s “medium is the message” idea. Incidentally, talking about that made me think of that silly Vestibules song about him, where they pretend he’s from the old west. Hey, there’s a musical about the guy? Neat!

Here are a few other things that popped up that might need a little explanation. Box of Rocks got a mention. Man can we ever ramble. At some point, Steve started singing Cocaine by Dick Justice. Blame it on the interpreter man. As part 3 got rolling, I mentioned a comedy bit by Margaret Smith where she talked about how she found a tag on her underwear that said they had been inspected by Mary-Lou. As much as I would love to link to a video, every video I’ve ever found, I either can’t start because the play button’s weird, or it’s geo-blocked in some way. So if you want to find it, just google Margaret Smith Inspected by Mary-Lou and you should eventually find something that works. As we got to talking about helping blinks, Steve mentioned the fellow who told me to go to St. George’s Square because the lights beep there. And finally, as we brought things to a close, I mentioned our old buddy Chris from nearly 7 years ago. Poor Chris, he didn’t like Steve and Matt too much.

So, that’s our description of the four hours of mayhem. I think you can tell from the description just how unwieldy the audio is…so consider yourself fairly warned. If you still want to proceed into the muddy waters, here’s part 1, which is about 80 minutes, here’s part 2, which is just over an hour, and here’s part 3, which is about 90 minutes. Yup, they’re all beastly beasts, but I hope they’re amusing beasts. I think things went off pretty well. I said a couple of things wrong, and swore more than I probably should have, but I hope that won’t kill what I was drunkenly attempting to say. Sometimes when I started to make no sense, a little voice in my head would say “stick to writing. You and audio aren’t good times.” I guess we made up for our missing Canada cast, though.

You know, knowing what you do about this monstrosity, and the fact that it still made it to the blog, that tells you just how bad that other one was. I hope somebody enjoys something out of this four-hour pile of us just being goofs. And I think that seals it. I’m making an audio tag, because I’m sure we will do more of these. Hopefully the next ones will be shorter, though.

Incidentally, blogger can eat me. telling me my tag isn’t closed and then not telling me which goddamn tag it is is really painful when this many links are in a post. I found it, ya happy now? You’d better be!

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