If I Had A Million Dollars,, I Wouldn’t Give It To You In A Cheque

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 08:38 am

Here’s a note for Justin S. Johnson, and all other forgers out there. If you’re going to forge a cheque, make it for a reasonable amount that someone might possess in their account and might not miss. A million dollars is not considered reasonable.

For one, a bank wouldn’t have a million dollars in cash around to just give you. Second, how do you know this person whose cheque you forged has a million dollars? And third, I think if the person did, he would notice the cash going missing.

I can’t believe the teller managed to get this guy’s license from him and copy it down and the guy didn’t start to think “Um, maybe that won’t work out so well since I’m committing a criminal act.” Well, now Johnson is in jail, and if that cheque he forged was really a blank cheque given to him for some work he did for someone, he’s unlikely to see one cent from the person. Maybe to be funny, they should set his bail to a million dollars. I know they never would, but that would be kind of funny.

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