The Results Aren’t Shocking, But The Experiment Is

Last Updated on: 18th April 2021, 07:32 pm

Ow ow ow ow ow ow!

So apparently, there’s this new way to do surgery called electrosurgery that involves a current being concentrated and creating an incision without actually cutting. I guess dudes who want a circumcision later, but don’t want blades going near their penises thought this would be a good alternative. Some doctors weren’t so sure about this, so decided to find out if they were correct. So, they experimented on themselves, and discovered that they were in fact correct. Bad, bad things can happen very quickly if you expose your wang to electricity.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow! I know you have to collect evidence to support a theory, but…um…did they really have to do these experiments? I mean, couldn’t they find natural occurrences where some poor unfortunate souls had somehow zapped their private parts by some freak accident? Look at our blog. All kinds of strange things happen to all kinds of strange people. Couldn’t they find enough data through medical journals? The one thing they said after talking about all the paralysis, disfunction and splitting that current to the unit could cause, they said no penises were harmed in this experiment. How is that possible?

Well, I hope they can win some kind of award for being so…brave.

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