Hopefully The Kid Is Safe And This Guy Is Out Of A Job

Last Updated on: 14th January 2016, 08:40 am

Call it a crazy hunch, but something tells me that suburban Harrisburg Pennsylvania’s Ray Boudreau won’t be in the running for any coach or father of the year awards any time soon.

It’s bad enough that heallegedly punched one of his 9-year-old baseball players twice in the face after the kid was ejected from a game,but the fact that the kid in question happened to be his own son somehow makes it just a little worse.

According to Brian Berry, Boudreau’s defence lawyer and seemingly also his understater, Boudreau probably could have handled the situation a bit better, but come on now, he didn’t hit the little fella in the face, he just struck him a couple times on the back is all.

Well, what a relief.

Boudreau is facing a charge of simple assault and has reportedly already spent at least a night or 2 in the county clubhouse.

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