Cutting Remarks Should Not Lead To Being Cut

Last Updated on: 24th January 2017, 10:21 am

Is it me, or are people’s tempers getting shorter and shorter? I mean, we have the whole food feuds tag full of people snapping over various food items not being available. Now, we know that you shouldn’t tell Dallas Amber Smith that her feet smell, or she might stab you in the back. Seriously.

It all started with a pack of kids watching movies and drinking. Then she bragged that she could do a flip off anything. So, a friend dared her to flip off the deck. She tried it, and failed. Then a guy said that her feet smelled, and she responded by wrestling with him, then stabbing him as she walked out. One of his lungs collapsed as a result of the stabbing.

Um, eek. Everybody needs to calm down. a comment about stinky feet should not cause someone to stab someone in the back.

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