Come See The Pantsless Side Of Sears

Last Updated on: 13th November 2013, 08:51 am

This onefits into a couple of wacky categories, so it seems as good a way as any to start off the morning.

A 47-year-old man identified only as Miller probably due to a slight mess-up on the part of the Rock Hill, South Carolina Herald was arrested Monday afternoon when police found him naked from the waste down in a Sears parking lot taking pictures of himself with his cellphone. When asked what he was doing and why pants weren’t involved in it, Miller told the officers that “I was trying to get a tan.” He now faces charges of indecent exposure and bond has been set at $20,000.

But our story doesn’t end with the utilization of the do it yourself tag. As it turns out, Miller resides on Naked Creek Road in the town of Conover, North Carolina. And for extra points, the article telling his story was penned by one Kimberly Dick.

Yes, I do believe we have a winner.

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